With built-in Z Wave, MEZZO gives you simple and powerful home automation control. Add a small Z Wave smart switch to any light switch or PowerPoint to turn on, off or dim lights and devices from anywhere, anytime.

Z-Wave wireless technology turns regular household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats into “smart” devices.

MEZZO “talks” to Z-Wave devices wirelessly and securely and can be accessed and controlled remotely using the MEZZO app.

MEZZO’s router and in-built smarts means instant reaction to commands and fast interaction with your home – gone are lengthy cloud delays.


MEZZO can control numerous security devices such as wireless PIR motion sensors, wireless door switches, wireless smoke detectors and many others, all designed to cleverly secure your home and provide invaluable peace of mind.

MEZZO employs a smart and secure two way radio protocol between the hub and wireless devices for precise feedback on system and device status


Monitor the energy usage in your house using MEZZO apps informative real-time energy graphs.

MEZZO can pinpoint the times when your appliances are consuming the most energy and gives you the power to manage your energy usage. Take advantage of off-peak energy prices and automatically turn off appliances when not in use.


MEZZO medical monitoring capabilities provide inactivity surveillance, pill reminders and the peace of mind that your loved ones are just a button press away.

MEZZO also tightly integrates with Ness Nurse Call and Aged Care personal safety products for the Medical, Security and Aged Care industries.

The MEZZO app Help Alert allows you to send an alert and your location to eight relatives or helpers by SMS or push notifications.

Mezzo is the complete security and health system, with cameras that you can view in the app.

VUHOO Cameras are High Definition cameras with great image quality indoors and out. The indoor camera has pan & tilt control and a wide lens angle to give you a great view.

VUHOO Cameras record only when motion is detected so you can quickly review when incidents happen.