Amazing hardware isn’t enough, the true power of Mezzo is in the smart app! Ness has invested significant resources to make an All-in-One solution that we truly think will Simplify the Smarthome!

From one App you can check your security, turn on lights, set up scenes, view your cameras, answer your front door, check how much energy your house is consuming or even call for help!

The Mezzo app is a free download for Android & iOS devices and required for full operation of the Ness’ Mezzo.


First Impressions count and we want your Mezzo experience to be as smooth as possible so we have spent a lot of time sweating the details to make sure you have a great time getting Mezzo running.

Our setup wizard will guide a technical novice through the steps of configuring Mezzo’s wifi connection to your house and creating your Mezzo cloud account.


Good Home Automation means never having to actually reach for a switch or pull out your phone to trigger a device. Our scene writing engine has been created from the ground up to be easy, yet powerful.

We’ve made it a snap to trigger scenes when it is dark outside, when you enter your home geofence or when you open your front door! The possibilities are almost limitless!


Adding new devices to Mezzo is a synch with our wizard based workflows. Zwave devices which are traditionally complicated to get working are compared against an online database and automatically configured to work best with Mezzo.

Ness Two Radio devices are a powerful alternative to Zwave with award-winning designs and performance.